Scanderbeg - a renaissance prince?

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PDF-version of Scanderbeg - a renaissance prince


Gjerg Kastrioti Scanderbeg, 1405-1468


Minna Skafte Jensen: »A Heroic Tale: Marin Barleti's Scanderbeg between orality and literacy«

• 1709 [click to see 17 slides of the Scanderbeg-chapter in the 1709-book plus an introductory note
[the text on the slides is in Danish]]
You can download and print the note and the images (in a pdf-edition (0.6 MB)) by clicking here:

Bjoern Andersen: »A viewpoint from Copenhagen« [Preliminary ed. from 2003]

Links and literature [prelim.]

The Albanian History

Albaniens historie [artikel på dansk fra 2005]

President Moisiu on Scanderbeg (the Oxford Lecture, November 2005)

Hvad véd vi i dag? [What do we know?] - Article in Danish

• Peter Pentz: »Den store Albaner« [about the seal of Scanderbeg] in: »Sfinx«, Aarhus, Denmark, 2003/1, pp. 20-24.

• Articles about the 2005-anniversary in »Gazeta Ushtria« [the Defence Newspaper], a weekly published by the Albanian Ministry of Defence [in Albanian]:

The articles in a PDF-file

• The Danish Renaissance:

• Birthe Traerup: Musikalsk feltforskning