Scanderbeg - a renaissance prince

Scanderbeg Barletius Holberg Bjarnason

A symposium at the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen

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The 1709-slides

Introduction (preliminary) by Bjoern Andersen, 2nd February 2005

The book is in octavo. 183 pages. It was published in 1709 by Willads Jersin who was a bookprinter in Copenhagen.

It is in Danish and was translated from German. I do not know anything about the original edition.

The author is not mentioned in the Danish translation, neither is the translator.

The style is straightforward, and the book is not difficult to read, even today if only the reader is familiar with printed letters in 'fraktur' (in Danish called: 'Gothic letters').

Most likely, Ludvig Holberg (who wrote about Scanderbeg in 1739) has read the book. I do not know whether he some way or another has been involved in the translation.

In 1706-1708 Holberg stayed in Oxford and London, in 1708 he paid a visit to Dresden, Leipzig and Halle in Germany, and in 1709 he was back in Copenhagen working on an introduction to the European history.

The book is in the Danish Royal Library in Copenhagen in one copy. No other copies have been found, as far as I know.

The chapter about Scanderbeg seems to have been very much inspired by Barletius (directly or indirectly).

Jersin, Willads Albretsen (ca 1671 1711), cf:

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